Conover-Jensen CWMU


Property Description

The Conover-Jensen Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit (CWMU) is located in Carbon County, about 16 miles northeast of Price, Utah up Nine Mile Canyon. Solider is one of the highest points at about 9100 feet elevation. Lower elevations are in the north along Nine Mile Canyon which ranges from 6800 feet to 7200 feet and forms part of the unit's north boundary. Pole Canyon on the westside ranges from 7200 feet to 8200 feet. On the eastside Cow Canyon ranges from 6800 feet to 8600 feet. The most common elevation is 8000 feet but ranges from 6700 feet to 9200 feet with an elevation difference of 2500 feet. Fifty-five percent (55%) of the CWMU elevation ranges between 7200 feet and 8600 feet an elevation difference of1 1400 feet.
The Conover-Jensen Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit land is mostly covered with Rocky Mountain Aspen Forest and Woodland (22), 35%. This Aspen Forest and Woodland is mostly in the south and southwest of the CWMU. Colorado Plateau Pinyon-Juniper Woodland (36) covers close to 22% of the land. This Pinyon-Juniper Woodland occurs primarily in the north and northeast. Scatted throughout the CWMU is Inter-Mountain Basins Montane Sagebrush Steppe (62) making up about 16%.

Frequenly Asked Questions:

  • Are guests (of licensed hunters) allowed to accompany the licensed hunter on the property?
  • Yes

  • Is hunting allowed on Sunday?
  • Yes

  • Is pre-season scounting allowed?
  • No

  • Are horses allowed?
  • Yes

  • Are ATV's allowed?
  • Yes

  • Are guide service available?
  • Yes, and highly recommended.

  • Is there a packing service offered?
  • No

  • Is Lodging and/or food available?
  • No

  • Is the property handicapped accessable?
  • No

  • Are maps available?
  • Are portions of the property closed to hunting activities?
  • No

  • Who can I contact if I have further questions?
  • CWMU Operator

    Garrett Conover   1-(435)-749-0247